Top Python Frameworks for Web Development

Easy-to-use syntax, extensive libraries, multiple capacities for development, and testing automation – all of these features describe one of the world’s most popular programming languages, Python. Its robust functionality undoubtedly makes it stand out among other web development languages, while Python’s flexibility and readability make it an excellent fit for your web tech stack.

Looking beyond general phrases about its multiple benefits and overwhelming popularity, what makes Python so good for web development? Of course, the answer is frameworks because all Python-based web solutions are created with these collections of packages or modules, which enable programmers to write web apps. Hence, here appears another challenging question: how to choose the right Python framework for web development?

We have conducted critical research, generated a comparative analysis, and asked our developers about this issue. Now we are ready to provide you with a best-in-class list of top Python frameworks you should consider for your next project. Read through the material below and find out which frameworks are worth your attention in 2021-2022 and which should be avoided.

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