Our Team

Our team’s capability, experience, and other characteristics such as teamwork, diligence, and a creative mind have enabled them to do this business in the best way possible with all the aspects of it in consideration such as technical, marketing, .design and so on
They are experts in urban planning, architecture, and marketing with about ten years of experience in the related sectors. They have the required service-providing and business knowledge to help the team grow the business based on the desired company plan. Their capability, experience, and other characteristics such as teamwork, diligence, and a creative mind enable them to do this business.


Research and Development (R&D)

The R&D department in this company would be responsible for designing and developing smart cameras for animal detection, as well as improving the algorithms and software related to them. Using advanced technologies and deep learning methods, this department strives to enhance smart cameras and improve their ability to detect animals.

Hardware Engineering

This department would be responsible for the design and development of the hardware components of the smart cameras. The employees in this department work on hardware elements such as sensors, processors, batteries, and other components. They aim to design high-quality cameras with suitable sensor capabilities for animal detection.

Software Engineering

The software engineering department is responsible for designing and developing software such as detection and image processing algorithms used in smart cameras, as well as related applications. They work on optimizing algorithms and applications for animal detection and providing relevant information using artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies

Marketing and Sales

This department is responsible for the sales and marketing of the company’s products. They analyze the market and customer needs to introduce suitable solutions and strive to promote and sell the company’s products. They may also launch advertising campaigns to communicate with existing customers and attract new ones.

Finance and Accounting

The finance and accounting department is responsible for preparing and drafting financial statements and reports for the company. They are also responsible for monitoring and controlling the company’s budget, determining and tracking revenues and expenses, managing bank and tax accounts, and providing financial analysis to senior management. This department also monitors account balances and conducts financial assessments.

Sima Salehabadi CEO
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Mohammad Fakhraie Technical Manager