About company

Public parks have been a staple of urban life for over a hundred years and are still an integral part of cities. Parks have

important amenities because they provide health, environmental, economic, and social benefits to communities. Parks contribute to visitors’ physical and mental well-being by providing opportunities for recreation, nature education, and social contact. Parks also reduce pollution and can increase the value of the local property. While city parks offer countless benefits to residents and visitors, they often face maintenance and underutilization problems due to low operating budgets and a lack of facilities and programs. Therefore, revitalizing urban parks is important to attract more diverse users.


This startup intends to provide solutions for the use of new technology in new or existing parks, create an opportunity for park managers to address these challenges using innovative technology and management approaches, and expand their reach. The founders of this company intend to start a business that provides design services, installation, test, and supervising applications connected to smart parks. The practical and experimental backgrounds of the founders have led them to start working in this field.

They believe the innovations provide industry professionals with the unprecedented ability to “see” what is happening and respond in real-time. They believe that parks of any kind are a valuable asset to the community.



The purposes of establishing a smart park application are making a profit by providing and selling high-quality services, working in an area of interest where there is work experience, creating a safe and acceptable space for people, assisting park managers in operating and equipping parks more effectively, helping the government in protecting its natural and cultural heritage.


Smart parks are a very new concept that has not yet found its main place in this decade based on technology. Still, local, provincial and national authorities in the world emphasize the importance of the role of such parks in maintaining the parks themselves, and Wildlife is not aware. The American National Parks and Recreation Association (NPRA) believes that smart technology allows parks to connect with a technology-focused generation. Public parks provide children and adults with essential spaces for socializing, exercising, and spending time outdoors – but only if they are used. Free charging and Wi-Fi stations can be an incentive for people connected outside their homes.

The marketing and sales plan of the company consists of some items such as sending an e-blast to the potential subscriber list for launch day, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, paid social media ads, and joining the chambers of commerce and industry around the company with the primary goal of networking and marketing its services. Furthermore, engaging the services of marketing executives and business developers to carry out direct marketing, leveraging social media to promote the business, and advertising are other marketing plans.